A technology without a heart behind, is not enough.


El acceso a agua potable y segura es un factor transcendental para la salud y desarrollo humano, tanto a escala nacional como local. Inversiones para un adecuado suministro de agua potable pueden proporcionar beneficios económicos netos al reducir efectos indeseables en la salud pública, con costos asociados muchas veces superiores a los que suponen las inversiones en el abastecimiento hídrico.

31 January, 2018 +

The opportunity to challenge what is established

Innovation is inherent to the human being, it is what allows us to advance. Alfredo invites us to overlook racisms, political parties and ideologies, to work in collaboration. Innovation has no borders; we all have the opportunity to challenge what is established.

24 January, 2018

We do Innovation with Purpose – Chileans without Borders

Fundación Chile chose Alfredo Zolezzi as part of the first generation of 'Chileans without Borders'. This nomination distinguishes people who have innovated from their own disciplines, motivated by the construction of a better country

24 January, 2018

From Chile to the world: clean water for the poor

In 2012, published the first steps of the Plasma Water Sanitation System prototype, installed in the San José de Cerrillos slum, in Chile. This technology was conceived to connect advanced science and innovation with social issues.

24 January, 2018

Question & Answer Plasma Water Sanitation System

Access to potable water is one of the most complex humanitarian problems; the lack of it has direct impact in the multiplication of poverty in the world. The basic consumption of clean water and hygiene are fundamental for the health of children, families and communities, preventing the spread of diseases and generating favorable conditions for human development. (WHO/UNICEF, 2017).

08 January, 2018 +

Question & Answer Fundación Alfredo Zolezzi

Since 2011, Alfredo Zolezzi, his family and a multidisciplinary team of professionals embarked on the challenge to demonstrate that it is possible to connect advanced science and technology with poverty.

08 January, 2018 +