Never before has there been

so much technology
and knowledge available

However, technology has not gone hand in hand with

the real needs of people

Every 90 seconds

a child dies from drinking
contaminated water

In 50 years the world population has increased

by 4 billion people

Today 4 billion

people live in poverty

Nothing assures us that the situation will change

social unrest

The world is on a

collision vector

Everything indicates that

it will become worse


We want to change the acceleration 

of the fight against poverty

Connecting advanced science and technology 

to social and environmental problems

We do Innovation with Purpose

That is, not only for those who can pay for it

We are convinced that from the audacity to think different

it is possible to challenge what is established 

Through collaboration, 

we can generate great changes

It is not a problem of financial resources


The Integrated Objectives Model connects social innovation with corporate sustainability

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We created the Integrated Objectives Model that seeks for each stakeholder to pursue its own objectives, recognizing the legitimate right to work for their interests. The Model proposes a collaborative work among different sectors integrating problems, objectives and capabilities, articulated in such a way that the collective impact is rooted in the most vulnerable.


We have created

Innovation with Purpose
Impact Driven Model

We propose that

The Integrated Objectives Model generates multidimensional and cumulative impact

People living in poverty are not the problem, they are part of the solution

Our model links corporate sustaunability with social problems

Technology without a heart behind it, is not enough

Our model has been adopted by

Innovation Center, founded in 2010, which creates Innovation with Purpose projects, generating technological solutions of high economic, social and environmental impact for different industries.

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A consortium of AIC Technologies, AVINA Foundation and AML Superconductivity and Magnetics. It is a center of excellence for the research, design and development of high impact solutions, based on superconductivity. Oriented to the areas of water, energy and environment.

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Model applications

Plasma Water Sanitation System

Unique breakthrough technology,  capable of eliminating  viruses and bacteria by temporarily converting a continuous flow of water into non-thermal plasma.

Impact Trace

Virtual platform whose objective is to visualize and trace the multidimensional impact of initiatives implemented by foundations or companies that seek to achieve a positive change in their environment.

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We are co-founders of

The Innovation with Purpose Platform

It is a strategic alliance between organizations that promote broad processes of collaboration to generate Innovation with Purpose, ensuring the adoption and diffusion of Social Intervention and Social Business models, such as those created by AZF. It seeks to create disruptive solutions that encompass social and environmental problems with greater effectiveness, impact and scale.

Our projects
have multidimensional
and cumulative impact



We are a non-profit organization that promotes Innovation with Purpose. We create disruptive solutions, connecting science and technology with poverty, social and environmental problems. We generate real, measurable and traceable impact.

Who is Alfredo Zolezzi?

We generate real, measurable and traceable impact


Alfredo Zolezzi is founder and Chief Innovation Officer of AIC Rotoplas and president of the Alfredo Zolezzi Foundation (AZF). His vision and achievements in developing disruptive technologies and models to link advanced science and technology with poverty and social needs, have led him to appear in some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Forbes, Reuters, The Times of India, Wired Magazine, BBC, CNN and World Finance – which listed his enterprise among the 100 most influential companies in the world and recognized the business model that Zolezzi proposes, to link social innovation to corporate sustainability, as an exclusive contribution of Chile. He is also the Innovation Advisor of the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance.

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PWSS eliminates Cholera bacteria (Vibrio cholerae)

On July 19th, 2018, the effectiveness of the Plasma Water Sanitation System (PWSS) technology was successfully validated through rigorous microbiological tests performed at the Comparative Molecular Immuno-Physiopathology Lab (LIPMC), of the University of Montpellier - one of the most advanced laboratories in molecular pathology in Europe -.

16 August, 2018 +


A non-profit organization that proposes and promotes Innovation with Purpose, connecting advanced science and technology with social and environmental problems.

14 June, 2018 +

Testimonials: The first Pilots

Since 2011, Alfredo Zolezzi and his team have concentrated their efforts on proving that it is possible to connect technological innovation with social problems. The first pilots were implemented in Chile, in vulnerable communities that did not have access to water, generating an immediate change in the quality of life of these people

14 June, 2018 +


The foundation was born propelled by the vision of Alfredo Zolezzi, Chilean industrial designer, but essentially an innovator. He dedicates his work to linking advanced science and innovative business models to accelerate the fight against poverty.

25 May, 2018 +
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We seek corporate sustainability, generating effective solutions, where impact reaches the poorest