Model to Innovate with Purpose, connecting advanced science and technology with social problems. It seeks the integration of objectives, capacities, problems and wills of strategic multi-sectoral organizations, while the collective impact is placed on those less fortunate.

Recognizing the value and legitimate right of each participant to work for their own objective, the model proposes effective collaboration methodologies for a multidimensional and cumulative impact, ensuring a high Adoption Rate of the technologies.

As part of its business strategy, the IOM considers the base of the pyramid as an attractive market that needs urgent solutions. From the initial stages, socially-based technology products or services are specially designed to satisfy needs and adapt to the possibilities of people with lower purchasing power or humanitarian aid programs.

The application of the Integrated Objectives Model generates effective, high-impact solutions with the potential to achieve a massive scale and transformational effects, inspiring people and entities to act together to re-establish the hope that problems can be tackled with a new perspective.