Testimonials: The first Pilots

14 June, 2018

Since 2011, Alfredo Zolezzi and his team have concentrated their efforts on proving that it is possible to connect technological innovation with social problems. The first pilots were implemented in Chile, in vulnerable communities that did not have access to water, generating an immediate change in the quality of life of these people:

As a government we will continue to support all the initiatives that put innovation at the service of people, in a concrete way and encouraging public-private partnerships that are virtuous, because this has to be the norm, and not an exception to our development. future”. Michelle Bachelet, Chilean President, 2014

For our school, this technology is very important because it gives us clean water for children and it will allow us to finally certify ourselves as a boarding school. It’s something we’ve been waiting for a long time”. María del Pilar Maturana, Headmistress Heriberto Erlwein School, 2015

“Everything is cleaner, our children no longer get sick and it is much easier for us than before, because we had to ask for water or boil it to drink or wash”. Rosa Reyes, Leader San José de Cerrillos Settlement, 2011

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Access to safe and potable water is a fundamental factor for health and human development at all national and local levels. Investments for adequate supply of potable water can provide a net economic benefit by reducing negative impact in the public health, which can cost many times more than the investment in safe water supply.

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