14 June, 2018

A non-profit organization that proposes and promotes Innovation with Purpose, connecting advanced science and technology with social and environmental problems.

We operate through the Integrated Objectives Model® (IOM), seeking strategic multi-sectoral alliances, based on the creation of value for multiple stakeholders. Through collaborative work, we integrate problems, objectives and capacities. Each partner fulfills its goals, while the collective impact is placed on those less fortunate.

Our mission

AZ Foundation supports the indisputable need of companies, international organizations and philanthropy to increase the effectiveness of their social investment. We materialize initiatives of Innovation with Purpose that lead to social and corporate sustainability:

  • Changing the acceleration of the battle against poverty
  • Generating cumulative and multidimensional impact
  • Making impact visible, transparent and traceable
  • Activate demand for socially based technological solutions to guarantee basic human rights
  • Transforming accumulated knowledge into value, through Applied Innovation

Despite noble efforts to address the world’s biggest humanitarian problems, the results have not met expectations. These problems require new models that develop disruptive solutions.

Through the Model, our partners the Advanced Innovation Center (AIC), founded by Alfredo Zolezzi, created the Plasma Water Sanitation System (PWSS) technology that eliminates viruses and bacteria through a temporary conversion of a continuous flow of contaminated water in non-thermal plasma.

The equipment is capable of producing up to 4,800 liters per day – enough to provide safe water at low cost, easy to operate and maintain. In addition, it integrates connectivity and telemetry that allow to deliver traceability and total transparency of the impact generated.

With the distributed solution (PWSS), our programs consider the implementation of a Social Intervention plan, which ensure a high Adoption Rate of the technological solution installed in the communities. This allows immediate response to people who are suffering from lack of safe water and who cannot wait for those solutions that are infrastructure-intensive, imply a significant investment and take years to complete.

Contributing to SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation – by the year 2030, we propose to provide safe water for 300 million people, installing 1 million distributed solutions, also bringing connectivity, and with it hygiene, health, dignity and joy.

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The foundation was born propelled by the vision of Alfredo Zolezzi, Chilean industrial designer, but essentially an innovator. He dedicates his work to linking advanced science and innovative business models to accelerate the fight against poverty.

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