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8 January, 2018

Since 2011, Alfredo Zolezzi, his family and a multidisciplinary team of professionals embarked on the challenge to demonstrate that it is possible to connect advanced science and technology with poverty.

Moved by the expansion of poverty, the impact of climate change, the religious and political conflicts and the growing social unrest, they decided to break with traditional logic.

Alfredo Zolezzi invents the Plasma Water Sanitation System (PWSS), a disruptive technology that sanitizes water through the temporary conversion to non-thermal plasma of a continuous flow of contaminated water. Instead of following a traditional commercial strategy, a distributed solution was developed for vulnerable environments that was tested in real life conditions. First in the San José de Cerrillos settlement in Chile, and later in 5 other communities of the country: Tiltil, Curacaví, Peñaflor, Petorca and San Pedro de Melipilla.

The original promoters drive the idea to preserve Alfredo’s vision through a non-profit organization. This is how in 2014 the achievements are preserved through the creation of the Fundación Alfredo Zolezzi with the objective of consolidating the Integrated Objectives Model, a product of a lifetime of innovation.

Who are We?

A non-profit organization the proposes and promotes Innovation with Purpose, connecting advanced science and technology with poverty, social and environmental issues. Through the Integrated Objectives Model (IOM), we do innovation not only for those that can pay for it.

AZF seeks to contribute to the attainment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically to the Universal Access to Clean Water and Sanitation in poor communities. We propose to install by 2030 at least 1,000,000 distributed water solutions worldwide, changing the quality of life of 300 million people, delivering safe water and connectivity, and in doing so hygiene, health, dignity and happiness. In other words, demonstrating that it is possible, from Innovation with Purpose, to change how we fight poverty.

What is Innovation with Purpose?

We have defined it as the convergence of technical and social innovation. It is doing innovation not only for those who can pay for it, connecting advanced science and technology with poverty, seeking to increase the acceleration of the fight against poverty.

What Does the Integrated Objectives Model Seek?

The problems that humanity faces today are of such a magnitude, that they will not be solved by one Government, one multilateral institution, one NGO, one Corporation or one technology. That is why the AZF Model is based on the creation of value for multiple stakeholders, challenging them to do real and strategic collaboration with any public, private and social community sector, integrating problems, objectives and capabilities, articulated in a way that the collective impact remains seeded in those most poor.

How do we do Innovation with Purpose?

We are working to demonstrate that it is possible, and needed, to connect science and technology with poverty. To do Innovation with Purposes is not charity or assistencialism, it is being able to achieve social justice through sustainable social based business models. Our focus is real, measurable and traceable high impact projects. To achieve this, our model considers that technology alone is not the entire solution to the problems of people in poverty. If the technologies provided to the communities are not adopted, they will not be able to achieve their long-term functionality. Each of our programs includes a Social Intervention Plan, through which the capabilities and autonomy of the community are trained and strengthened for the proper management of the water resource.

Do we Develop Technologies in AZF?

No, we work with our partners AIC Technologies and Impact Innovation Alliance, innovation centers led by Alfredo, where with a team of scientists develop, pilot and optimize the technologies that we use in our projects. It is a collaborative effort where we integrate our talents, objectives, challenges and capabilities towards a common purpose. Through them we Activate Demand and work to make sure that the technology world communicates with the social issues.

Disruptive Technologies, as they are new, project value as a function of the impact they generate. That is why they cannot be left to the sole judgement of the market forces. Our Foundation moves fueled by the energy of Compassion.

Who makes up the Team and what are its operating Dynamics?

Our team is comprised of engineers, industrial designers, social sciences professionals, among others, where the knowledges from different disciplines converge to cover and address the challenges from the vantage point of Innovation with Purpose.

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