25 May, 2018

Scaling a disruptive technology in the water industry has not been easy. There are innumerable products, however, they have not been designed to reach the most vulnerable contexts.

After 7 years of prototypes, testing in real conditions – underserved, communities, schools – and continuous technological improvements, we have PWSS products manufactured with European certification and ISO standards.

From the first prototype installed in San José settlement, in Cerrillos (Chile), the PWSS Camp Unit has advanced significantly: reduced in size, improved in energy efficiency and complementary treatments added to pre-condition the water, to ensure not only potability, but also its quality.

The current PWSS Camp Unit equipment is easy to operate, maintain and transport, capable of producing up to 4,800 liters per day providing safe water at low cost per liter.

We have developed two types of products: Basic PWSS – for water free of viruses and bacteria – and Plus – which includes Reverse Osmosis in addition to PWSS for water free of microbiological and physical-chemical contaminants such as arsenic, salts, pesticides-. Both integrate connectivity and telemetry that allows traceability and transparency of the generated impact.

These field units are quick to install compared to high cost and time intensive infrastructure solutions.
At the beginning of 2018 we installed the first PWSS industrial model Camp Unit of in the G-345 School located in Rungue, Til Til,(Chile) leaving behind the prototype stage of our technology. We now deliver safe water with the latest equipment, improving the life of more than 400 children, families and officials.

Today we have PWSS Camp Units ready to be installed. Nonetheless, we continue our R & D process to optimize the technology and to create next generation plasma applications for other environments which will include extreme conditions, emergency response, mobility solutions among others. Early involvement with beneficiaries and local authorities is essential, as it allows water access solutions to be the most appropriate for each specific environment. It is possible to break paradigms, people in poverty are not the problem, they are part of the solution.

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